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The Importance of Your Gutters in Maine and Tips on Selecting Them

October 21, 2013

Your gutters in Maine have a significant role in keeping your home and its environs safe. For example, they prevent structural damage by stopping roof water runoff from leaking into the building itself. They also help prevent the ground from becoming too moist, which can lead to damage to the foundation of a house.

However, most homeowners tend to forget the importance of a gutter system and don’t maintain it properly. Nonetheless, it is important to know how significant your gutters are as well as how one should choose them. An article posted on BobVila.com written by Benjamin Hardy gives the basics about gutters.

Industry NewsAccording to the article, there are four different kinds of gutter materials: aluminum, steel, copper, and vinyl. Aluminum is the most popular because it’s inexpensive, durable, and easy to work with. On the other hand, a steel gutter is durable and most popular in areas with extreme weather. In turn, copper is the most durable type and is best for homeowners who want to customize their home. Vinyl is the least expensive option and most suitable for do-it-yourself work.

Homeowners should choose gutters not only according to material, but also according to their shape, size, and seams. There are two main shapes: K-style and half-round. According to the article:

A smaller K-style gutter will drain the same amount of water as a larger half-round gutter. Half-round (also called U-shape) gutters are typically considered a traditional shape, as this was the original gutter shape dating back to the early 1900′s.

When determining the size of their gutter, the article says:

[A] homeowner should consider the area’s rainfall density. Such facts can usually be found on gutter supply websites. A home that sees a lot of rain or has a steep roof pitch should have a larger gutter system.

Furthermore, a homeowner should also decide whether to install a sectional system, which requires the regular application of sealants on its pieces, or a seamless one. The latter, which is best installed by professionals, is cut from a preformed roll of composite metal.

When planning to install seamless gutters in Maine for your home, it is important to hire an experienced roofing contractor like Renewal by Andersen since it is not advisable to install these specialized systems by yourself. After you’ve found the right roofing contractor, you must then determine the color of your gutters and the length that you will need.

(Info from Gutter Basics, BobVila.com)

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