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Size of replacement windows matter

June 25, 2015

The size of your windows can mean everything to a southern Maine homeowner

This is an important topic to discuss when contemplating replacing your windows. Many people (and even some who are in the trades) think replacement windows are no good because you will lose glass and viewing area. I remember last summer talking with one of my friends who is a plumber (but has done other handyman type of work) saying how he’s going to keep his old windows because replacement windows never work. I thought to myself, he’s “almost right” because some replacement windows won’t work.

Vinyl window measurement

Every window replaced with an insert window will lose some glass area

If anyone tells you different, don’t believe them! When you remove the wood window sashes and insert a new window inside the existing window’s masterframe, this is considered an insert window installation versus a full-frame replacement window (see my blog on “different replacement window installation applications”). Physically, when you insert another window inside an existing window masterframe, you will be losing overall glass area and hence losing viewing area. However, Renewal by Andersen insert replacement windows lose the least amount of glass area than any other vinyl replacement window in the United States. This is due to the fact that Renewal by Andersen windows are twice as strong as vinyl windows and can be manufactured with a sleek design while holding it’s structural integrity.

Renewal by Andersen windows can be made larger than vinyl windows with the help of Fibrex

fibrex is stronger emblem 2

Renewal by Andersen windows are made out of a composite material called Fibrex.

Learn more about Fibrex by viewing this 2-minute video

The combination of wood fibers and polymers create the best of both worlds. We can make a larger window and you can keep your home’s beautiful wood aesthetics because Renewal by Andersen windows are strong like wood and look like wood, but you’ll never have to worry about maintenance. In addition, Fibrex is warrantied to help keep the structural integrity of the window intact for decades. This also allows us to fuse different color combinations, create dual color windows and even a black exterior. Can you imaging what would happen to a vinyl window if it were painted black?

Do NOT paint your vinyl windows black and see what happens.
This is not a suggestion.

If you want to see how Renewal by Andersen windows compare to other material types, please call us at 207-985-8465 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free, in-home consultation. That way we can provide you with a project quote to get your windows replaced and show you how Renewal by Andersen can make a BIG difference in your home.

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