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Replacement Windows in Maine: Helping Homeowners Get Peace and Quiet

December 5, 2013

Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it can’t harm you. Take noise, for example. According to the World Health Organization, excessive noise not only distracts your attention or rouses you from sleep, it can also cause psychophysiological and cardiovascular problems.

13 ways to soundproof your home

Yet, you can’t really escape the din of daily living—after all, life doesn’t come with a handy volume button that allows you to tune out the roar of passing airplanes or your neighbor’s barking dog. Indeed, all you can do is modify your home to minimize the amount of noise that comes through. If you want a quieter home, this article from Zillow.com suggests these things for your floors, walls and ceilings:

“Hang fabrics & panels

The materials used in decorating the house can help mitigate noise. The basic idea is to eliminate some of the hard surfaces that tend to bounce noise vibration in all directions. Heavy drapes will absorb a great deal of sound as well as stop noise transmission from the outside. For walls, try acoustical fabrics or panels. They are available in dozens of styles and textures but tend to be pricey. Choosing upholstered furniture, area rugs, and wall-hung quilts may be a less expensive way to go. When selecting a new floor, opt for products that will absorb sound, such as carpeting or cork flooring. Use sound-absorbing tiles at the ceiling.”

While these changes will go a long way towards reducing unwanted sound, there are more things you can do to further minimize noise, like getting replacement windows for Maine homesAfter all, cool breezes aren’t the only things passing through your window, but the outside world’s noise as well. This is especially true if you have older windows that no longer close properly, have missing and broken sashes, or whose frames are damaged.

Fortunately, companies like Home Experts of Maine can install replacement windows for Portland, ME residents who want more peace and quiet in their home. Noise is a lot like water, seeping through every available crevice. With new windows installed, a vital chink in your home’s exterior is addressed, thereby denying noise a major entry way. Aside from this, replacement windows also keep you home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, further increasing comfort inside your house.

(Article Information and Image from 13 Ways to Soundproof Your Home, Zillow.com, November 25, 2013)

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