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Replacement Windows in Maine Fortified with a Big Range of Add-ons

September 14, 2013

ExpertSecurityTips.com writer Giovanni provides some tips on burglar-proofing home windows. According to Giovanni, burglars choose to break in through the windows because typically, they are the most vulnerable parts of a house; unfortunately, a lot of homeowners concentrate so much on fortifying the doors of their homes against intrusion that they forget they also have windows to reinforce. Giovanni goes on to recommend installing grills, bright floodlights, and even thorny plants.

Burglary can happen even in peaceful and developing communities like Kennebunk in Maine. Comprised of over 4500 households, burglars have lots of options for looting, and any one of these homes can be their next target. According to the FBI, burglaries in residential properties accounted for 73.9 percent of all burglary offenses, which makes it all the more important to follow Giovanni’s tips. Efforts to reinforce poorly designed or decrepit windows, however, may not work; the solution might be to install any of the more efficient replacement windows in Maine first.

How to Burglar Proof your Windows

One way Giovanni recommends fortifying home security is to install replacement windows in Kennebunk with impact-resistant glass panes. Instead of using conventional glass panes that can produce sharp shards when shattered, homeowners should consider using laminated glass panes or those with double glazing. This way, even if burglars manage to damage the window, the homeowner may already have escaped or even called for help before they can manage an actual entry into the house.

Lots of homeowners prefer displaying the beauty of their windows over covering them with protective screens or other window treatments. However, this encourages would-be intruders, especially if the windows are made of single or double panes, which crooks can easily break. Giovanni advises installing protective window grills to prevent entry; Houzz.com also provides a lot of ideas on making window grills work with window designs.

Choosing replacement windows made of reflective glass is also an efficient way to prevent burglary or robbery, according to Giovanni. Although not protective by nature, they help deter any break-in attempts by reducing or completely removing visual access to the house. These windows also cut off solar heat during the day, making an instant drape that darkens rooms while the sun shines.

Many companies like Renewal by Andersen provide replacement windows of high quality that can work perfectly with any additional protective components. Those who fear getting robbed—practically every homeowner—should not hesitate to invest in any of the methods given by Giovanni on fortifying windows; safety for the family should always be a top priority.

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