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Replacement Windows in Maine: Decorating Bay Window Ledges and Spaces

February 28, 2014

How to Beautifully Decorate Bay Window Ledge image

Bay windows are so called because of their distinct feature: the entire window protrudes from the house, creating a space in the interior wall that can be used for some other function. This stylish type of replacement windows in Maine allows for plenty of leg room that you can turn into a seat, a bookshelf, storage area, or practically anything you want. Mainly for aesthetic purposes, it is advised not to leave this valuable space bare.

Here are some ideas on what you can do with your bay window area:


One of the easiest ways to spruce up your bay window is to buy some cushions and turn it into a cozy couch with a view. You can either cover the entire space with enough cushions to make for comfortable sitting, or add some plush or throw pillows, turning your bay window into the perfect place to read a book on a lazy weekend afternoon—until you fall asleep.


You can also turn your bay window into a nice indoor garden or greenhouse, since the ledge should be wide enough to comfortably accommodate various plant pots. Make your garden more appealing by using varicolored pots, or different plants and flowers that complement each other, color-wise. Of course, you can also opt for plastic or dried flowers and plants.


Another good tip would be to install some adjustable shutters that will separate the nook from the rest of the house, giving yourself a nice private space to retreat to whenever you fancy. You can choose between floor-length shutters that will cover the entire ledge and small ones meant to fit only the windows. Shutters give you better privacy than typical drapery.


SF Gate also recommends turning your bay window into a display for your collections:

When arranging the items, try to fill the entire sill or distribute them evenly. Use items in a variety of sizes and heights; don’t be too extreme in the differences, though, or items will overwhelm one another. As a general rule, grouping knickknacks together in odd numbers is more attractive than using even numbers.

Bay replacement windows in Scarborough and Maine, from installers like HomeExperts of Maine, are energy-efficient and cost-effective installations. Don’t let all those savings go to waste by keeping your windows bare and unattractive.

(Article Information and Image from: How to Beautifully Decorate a Bay Window Ledge, SF Gate)

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