Replacement window safety

March 29, 2018

Have you thought about safety when considering replacement windows?

The hot topics on everyone’s mind when thinking about replacing windows are energy efficiency, beauty, functionality…but what about safety?

Here are a few tips to look for and look out for when considering window replacements for your home in Maine:

  1. Tilt-in windows for easy cleaning – When you’re cleaning your windows, the last thing you want to worry about is the window sash falling out of the window frame and hurting yourself or others nearby. Many double-hung window products are designed so the sash can be easily removed for service (Just-in-case the glass fails or the vinyl sash frame cracks). Renewal by Andersen uses a balance system to not only allow each sash of a double-hung window to be tilted-in for easy cleaning, but they put the “brakes on” to prevent the sashes from falling out of the frame while cleaning. Check out how easy it is to clean Renewal by Andersen tilt-in double-hung windows (See Renewal by Andersen Double-Hung Tilt-in Window Cleaning).

  2. Window Glazing bead – A window glazing bead is used most commonly on vinyl windows. It is a thin piece of vinyl that helps hold the glass to the window sash frame. Its design was made to service the glass should it fail (For example: glass seal failure which regularly happens in vinyl windows). The inherent danger exists because the glazing bead and the glass can be easily removed from the exterior of your home without making a sound (Causing a potential burglary risk). All Renewal by Andersen windows have sashes and frames built with mortise-and-tenon joints (NO glazing beads).
  3. Look out for kids – Everyone wants to keep kids safe. That’s why Renewal by Andersen has put together an information page that helps everyone think about window safety, especially customers with young children. Items include Do’s and Don’ts, great window safety tips, a kids activity coloring book, some window safety literature to download, and even a watch a video.

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