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Replace windows before harsh winter

July 31, 2015

Above normal snowfall is expected, so replace windows before winter

Each year, we all endure a time in southern Maine where the temperatures begin to drop, and many Mainers look for ways where they can save on their energy bills. In fact, Efficiency Maine has some rebate programs that you should look into when you replace windows before winter. The reason I write this blog today in 90 degree heat is because the forecast for another snowy and cold winter is expected (which is only 4 months away).

USA above average snowfall 2015-2016

The above map gives you a sense that we will have “Well above normal snowfall” in our region this coming winter. We can help you plan to winterize your home this year before the snow flies and make Jack Frost weep from not finding his way into your home ever again.

The first step is always a misconception. We provide a free service to visit your home and inspect your old windows to determine how you want your new windows to look. From there, we can build a project quote based on you and your home’s needs. This does not mean you need to purchase anything at the time of our visit. This is an information gathering session to give you an exact price quote should you decide to go ahead with replacing your windows (and learn about the specials). The only thing you have to lose is more heat out of your old windows.

Give us a call at 207-985-8465 or visit our contact us page to request an in-home appointment.

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