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On Why You Should Think About Buying Those Brand-new Maine Windows

October 9, 2013

Whether it’s to fix a severely-damaged window frame or to enhance your home’s curb appeal, buying replacement windows can be a good bargain in more ways than one:

New windows offer a stunning impact on the exterior of your home. There are many great styles of windows available that will compliment both traditional and contemporary homes. Additionally, there is a large variety of trim styles available that can further compliment both the exterior and interior of the home by adding that special touch.

Industry NewsAnother great benefit of window replacement is that most new windows that are available have been designed to be low maintenance. For example, if you choose a vinyl frame you will not have to paint it ever. Fiberglass frames are extremely stable so the paint from the factory stays on for their entire lifespan.

Aside from these things, brand-new replacement windows also provide better security than older ones since modern windows usually incorporate multiple layers of glass panes for added durability. They are also tested to withstand physical damage (i.e. forced entry or breakage) and are fitted with more sophisticated locking systems to dissuade would-be trespassers. In essence, a homeowner who wishes to make his or her home safer should also think about buying replacement windows.

On the other hand, some Maine windows companies like Renewal by Andersen say that earning energy-savings is the primary reason to install new windows. This is especially true if the replacement ones incorporate high-quality, low-e glass panes that are 56 percent and 45 percent more energy-efficient than double-glass panes in summer and winter (respectively). Tax credits are also awarded to homes with energy-efficient home features and appliances, thanks to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Lastly, replacement windows can also improve a house’s selling price because of the average “appearance value” of $100 that real estate markets place on them. In addition to that, a 2005 survey launched by the Remodeling Magazine says that homeowners can get at least 89.5 percent from the value of their new windows if ever they sold their house. In other words, simply buying a new set of sliding windows from Portland, Maine can have huge return of investment in the long run.

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