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Metal Weather Protection: Reasons to Get Aluminum Gutters in Maine

February 23, 2014

Five Advantages of Aluminum Rain Gutters image

Gutters play an important role in protecting your home from the weather, particularly by keeping rainwater runoff away from your roof and facilitating its safe flow down the pipes and onto the ground below. If you visit gutter installers, you might find a wide array of choices made from various materials, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some facts about one gutter material that just might be the right fit for your home: the aluminum rain gutter.


Like in roofing, metal has always been a leader in durability when it comes to gutters in Maine households—and aluminum is among the sturdiest. Steel gutters, for instance, while relatively impervious to certain types of weather damage, tend to rust after about five years of use. Aluminum gutters, on the other hand, will never rust, and could serve your home for well after 30 years.

Installation and Cost

Among metal gutter systems, aluminum is one of the most cost-efficient; not only is it affordable, it is also quite easy to install (no need for soldering joints). You should note, though, that the actual price of your gutters will depend on how thick the aluminum is. Moreover, since it’s lightweight, gutter installers like Renewal by Andersen of Southern Maine won’t have too much of a problem shaping it to your home’s dimensions.


Color variety is also one of the main advantages of aluminum gutters, according to Yahoo! Voices:

One of the next advantages of aluminum rain gutters is color. Most other types of gutters are only available in a limited variety of colors. Also, other types of gutters like steel can be difficult to paint. Aluminum rain gutters are manufactured in a wide variety of colors. If you can’t find the color you need, they can easily be painted to a suitable color.

Going Seamless

Aluminum gutters are not manufactured in sections, too, but as a seamless installation. This means that there is little space (or none at all) for the water runoff to leak and head straight to your home’s foundations. Gutters with seams also tend to gather more debris and thus, cause blockage.

Aluminum gutters in Portland, Maine can protect your roof and home from water runoff for a long time. Nevertheless, this gutter type isn’t completely free from maintenance needs, which is why you still have to unclog and clean it every now and then.

(Article Information and Image from Five Advantages of Aluminum Rain Gutters, Yahoo! Voices)


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