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Maine Windows and Doors Need Replacement, Too, and Now Is a Good Time

September 11, 2013

While America’s improving economy is a boon for every citizen, it is doubly so for construction contractors. The Press Herald reported that July 2013’s builder sentiment index jumped to 57 points, which was the third consecutive monthly gain for the year. This index (especially since it is above the 50-point threshold) means that builders are optimistic about current sales conditions, and this sentiment will fuel even more construction projects, especially those that deal with new residential properties.

It can be argued, however, that this growth in the construction industry can still be spurred by home renovation projects that households will no doubt undertake now that the economy is in much better condition than before. Some of these projects include window replacements and installations that can be carried out by the likes of Renewal by Andersen. Old Maine windows can benefit from a facelift using the company’s specialty product—energy-efficient windows that provide sufficient indoor insulation and can, therefore, reduce a family’s utility bills.

U.S. homebuilder confidence, sales outlook soar

These are the same materials that construction contractors use in building residential properties today. The demand for more real estate rose up so quickly that the number of building permits secured by property builders for single-family houses dramatically increased in May 2013. Contractors, however, aren’t restricted to new construction projects, so homeowners who have home improvement projects in mind can take advantage of this recent construction supplies boom.

Specifically, contractors like Renewal by Andersen are very knowledgeable when it comes to the right set of windows or doors for a particular home in terms of size, material, and cost of each one. For instance, a single set of double-glazed glass windows may be considered energy-efficient by itself, but it requires a window frame made from vinyl or treated wood to be even more energy-efficient. Material and design choices like these help stir the current sales of new homes, which reached the seasonally adjusted annual rate of 476,000 last May.

Even simply choosing the right kind of windows can influence the selling price of a home. Energy savings are always a good bonus for prospective buyers, which is why homeowners are advised to install energy-efficient windows for their houses if they plan to sell them in the future. The said future is incidentally looking brighter; the Press Herald reported that the builder sentiment index for the next six months rose to 67.

Simply put, conditions are currently favorable to construction and renovation projects across the country. If people are planning to buy sliding patio doors or vinyl windows in Maine, now would be a very good time.

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