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Maine Replacement Windows: When to Replace Your Sash, Frame, or Pane

October 11, 2013

Rob Fanjoy of HDTV Remodels discusses the pros and cons of the leading window replacement options homeowners can choose from. Fanjoy identifies indicators of the need for window replacement and whether sash or sash-and-frame will work better. To help homeowners make the right pick, several recommendations were given, including carefully inspecting the parts for ease of operation and strength.

In cities with cold climate like Scarborough, Maine, homeowners have not much choice but to keep their windows in good condition and check for any ingress of draft or breeze. According to Fanjoy, when draft starts to seep in or frost starts to build up between panes, it’s about time to replace the windows. Choosing energy-efficient replacement windows in Maine is essential in quality building and remodeling projects.

Industry NewsThere are three components that a Maine citizen like you can replace in your damaged or deteriorated home windows—sash, frame, and pane. However, because glass panes are usually included in most replacement window options, you’re left with either the frame or the sash. Fanjoy recommends replacing the sash alone if the frame and the rest of the window are still in good shape and replacing the entire window if both show significant damage.

“Complete unit replacement — basically a new window with new flashing, sealants, caulking and insulation — is the best option for significantly compromised or damaged windows and openings. Requiring removal of old casings and trim, it often causes significant disturbance to interior and exterior finishes and siding. Although this may seem like the most invasive method, with proper installation you will get the best performance of all three options.

‘”You can get virtually any glazing package with sash replacements that you could on any complete unit,” says Brad Oberg, chief technology officer at IBACOS Inc., an architectural and engineering consulting firm in Pittsburgh. “There’s no real sacrifice in performance with these units or the frame-and-sash units, but there may be in aesthetics for some people.” Any accessories such as between-the-glass blinds, snap-in grilles and screens should be durable and won’t negatively affect the look of the window.”

Learning about your options for replacement windows in Scarborough helps you make informed decisions. Companies like Renewal by Andersen offer energy-efficient windows that can help you reduce your energy cost. This will greatly offset the potential high cost you will cover from the start.

(From: Choosing and Installing Replacement Windows, HDTV Remodels)

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