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Learn the Lingo: get to know the different window types

March 24, 2020

Our helpful guides will teach you the different types of windows

Does your home need new windows, but you’re not quite sure where to start?  Let our quick and informative window guide videos help you get familiar with the basic options first.  Once armed with the knowledge of the popular replacement window styles, you’ll be ready to start designing your perfect custom window project with the help of our amazing 3D apps!

Double Hung Windows

The most popular window style, our double hung windows feature both an upper and lower sash that can be opened, as well as tilt in for easy cleaning.

Gliding/Sliding Windows

Our gliding windows, sometimes called “sliding windows”, can maximize your glass area for optimal viewing of the outdoors, and provide an ideal solution when a projecting window could interfere with walkways or patios.

Casement Windows

Often called “crank-out windows”, casement windows are a convenient and popular style.  Easy to clean and almost endlessly customizable – grille patterns can mimic the look of double hung windows to compliment your home, or combine casements with a center picture window for a beautiful custom showpiece.

Bay & Bow Windows

Do you know the difference between a bay window and a bow window?  Both project out from the home, but a bay window has windows set at specific angles, while a bow window is designed and built with a softer curve to the projection. 

Awning Windows

Much like a casement window, an awning window is a “crank-out” window, but is hinged at the top and opens at the bottom.  Great for allowing ventilation, as awning windows can be open even in the rain, and for anywhere that other window styles could be difficult to reach, such as over a kitchen sink or counter.

Specialty Windows

A specialty window is any window that doesn’t fit into one of the above types, often with curved lines or nontraditional shapes to create a beautiful custom accent to your home (like a Triangle Window, Springline Window, or even a curve-top window).  Standalone or mulled together with other window types, a custom specialty window can give your home the unique touch you’re looking for. 

If your perfect replacement window project includes changing the existing windows in your home to another type of window, you won’t have to struggle to imagine how it will look.  Our Design Consultants will show you exactly how your dream windows will look in your home, using our revolutionary Augmented Reality app.  Get a sneak peek of that below:

Feeling inspired and want to try it yourself?  You can upload pictures of your home and see how your beautiful new replacement windows will look with our Window Visualizer

Ready to get started on your project?  Call or click to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and let us create your beautiful new replacement windows, patio doors, or entry door systems.

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