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Keeping your Home Safe by Ensuring Durability of Windows in Maine

January 7, 2014

Us and Canada outage misery persists for 130,000 image

America’s most recent winter is characterized by freezing temperatures and ice storms, resulting from the polar vortex. One other thing that the ice storm brought was the power outage last month, which affected thousands of households in the US and Canada, including those of Maine. The BBC News reports:

More than 130,000 householders in parts of the US and Canada still have no electricity supply, after last weekend’s ice storm.

As of Friday morning, about 64,000 customers remained without power in the US state of Michigan and 12,000 were in the dark in the state of Maine.

Power supply cuts and inclement weather conditions affect the comfort and even the safety of people. The stability of the structures of a home, which is the most basic refuge in these situations, is of utmost importance. The strongest of winds or storms, for example, should not be able to break windows or doors down.

If subzero temperatures make people desperately cold enough to convert appliances into heating devices, what more if their physical barriers to the cold breeze are broken? Additionally, light should be able to travel freely to provide a natural source of illumination during the day in power outages.

Ideally, homeowners should have replaced the windows in their Maine houses before the winter began, if they found the old ones lacking the durability to take on ice storms and other similar extreme conditions. If local residents have not done so, this is the right time to do it. One of the best replacements would be Fibrex windows, with its strength and environment-friendly qualities.

These windows provide energy efficiency in any weather condition, and allow homeowners to take advantage of the natural sunlight or moonlight when power supply is down. They are also designed without gaps between frames to keep harsh temperatures out. This ensures better heating and ventilation efficiency in the long run, lower utility bills, cheaper repair costs due to alternative resources, and most importantly, a warmer home during winter.

Renewal by Andersen windows in Maine utilize Fibrex material and technology. Homeowners who want sturdier and more enduring windows—or even just a stable and stylish fixture—for their properties can consult home improvement professionals like HomeExperts of Maine.

(Article Information and Image from US and Canada outage misery persists for 130,000, BBC News US & Canada, December 27, 2013)

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