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It’s the 21st Century: Time to Replace Your Wood Windows.

August 3, 2013

Thousands of homes in New England feature low cost, construction grade wood windows. For generations, wood frame windows were the only choice for residential construction. Even when newer materials like vinyl and aluminum became available, contractors almost always stuck with the lower cost wood windows in order to shave costs and boost their profits.

The problem is, after a few years, wood windows end up costing homeowners in maintenance requirements and energy loss. Poor insulation qualities and the need to scrape and paint every few years make wood windows a money draining hassle for homeowners.

That makes replacing old, inefficient wood frame windows with new, energy efficient windows from Renewal by Andersen® is a valuable investment that pays immediate dividends and delivers long term benefits.

Unlike wood windows, Renewal by Andersen® windows are not subject to wood rot or insect infestation. Our windows are engineered and built with Fibrex® frames, a revolutionary material that outperforms even the strongest, most well treated wood. With wood windows, you can expect a 10-year lifespan in New England, and that is only if they are meticulously maintained. With Fibrex® windows, you can expect to get 30 years out of your windows, with little to no maintenance needed. Fibrex® even outperforms other window frame materials, including vinyl and aluminum.

The energy saving benefits of Fibrex® windows make the investment worth every penny. Your older wood windows allow for the free flow of air in and out of your home. This means that, whether you are paying to heat or cool your home, you are paying too much. Installing replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen® of Maine will top this free flow of air, keeping the energy you pay for inside year ‘round.

Older wood windows trap moisture and tend to rot or warp, and this makes them difficult to open and close. This difficulty of use is just another way that wood windows cost you money on energy. Our replacement windows do not rot or warp, and open and closely just as easily 10 years after installation.

To learn more about the benefits of replacing your wood windows in Maine, call Renewal by Andersen® of Maine today at 207-877-5626, or by visiting www.renewalofmaine.com.

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