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Installing Replacement Windows in Maine Can Replace Fogged Sashes

November 19, 2013

An October, 2013 article on the Aiken Standard website describes how homeowners can deal with “fogging” windows. Windows can get dull and fuzzy with age, simulating a “fogged” look which can mar its beauty and transparency. The article advises householders to have their worn windows swapped for new ones; the following advice is directly lifted from the report:

Have you ever looked out the window and wondered why the view seems fuzzy and unclear?
At first you thought you needed to get your eyes checked but upon second look realized that the glass had fogged up. It usually does like most things in life, and that is it sneaks up on you a little at a time until you can’t put up with it anymore.

If it is a vinyl double-glazed window or IG glass as it is commonly referred to in the industry, it doesn’t have to be too daunting for you. Especially if it is a double hung style window. (…)

Depending on the manufacturer and age of the unit, you may be surprised to learn that once you call the company with the information from this sticker [on the window], the window may still be under warranty.

Getting replacement windows in Maine is the perfect opportunity to take out unsightly panes and replace them with lovelier fixtures. Older windows also tend to be less efficient than newer models, which can affect the way homes handle energy and heat. Homeowners must always be wary of the condition of their windows, and shouldn’t hesitate to have units replaced if they appear to be well past their prime.

Those having their windows exchanged should first remember that a replacement service offered by companies like Renewal by Andersen® of Maine will only deal with the moving parts of the fixture and the glass. This means that the frame itself will be left untouched, as will the wall it’s placed on. This might seem limiting, but it does allow homeowners to do away with tired designs without actually renovating an entire section of the wall.

Householders should first consider their priorities in getting replacement windows. They should then coordinate with a local contractor in order to choose the right replacement windows in Scarborough that fit their preferences. Some contractors offer to craft custom made windows for their clients, which is a perfect option for homeowners who want a specific look that can’t be easily replicated.

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(Article Excerpt and Image from HOW DO I … Replace my fogged window?, Aiken Standard, October 30, 2013)

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