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How Fibrex is More Cost-efficient and Eco-friendly than Vinyl Windows in Maine

March 21, 2014

It is a popular view that anyone who wants to build a “green” home should do away with materials such as vinyl because of the dangerous chemical used to make it. While frames made of wood certainly have the advantage of being biodegradable, some studies find that being dependent on wood is actually taking a toll on forests and woodland areas. It even contributes to safety issues in the logging profession who have to work extra to meet the high demand:

Vinyl Windows and Vinyl Siding Image

Builders who prefer wood windows to vinyl windows need to acknowledge an important truth: you can’t have wood windows without logging, and logging is a dangerous profession — more dangerous than working in a chemical plant. I have friends and neighbors who work as loggers; one lost an eye in a logging accident, while another still limps from a serious leg injury.

According to one report on work injuries, “The highest rates of fatal injuries — the most per worker employed — occurred among loggers, pilots, and fishermen. Loggers recorded 85 fatalities in 2004, a rate of 92.4 deaths for every 100,000 workers, more than 22 times the rate among all workers…”

Building a green home doesn’t mean you have to depend solely on the trends or traditional “eco-friendly” materials. Think out of the box and realize that when you have a frame that will last twice or three times as long, it also means that you’re saving resources and man-hours.

There is, however, a better alternative to vinyl windows in Maine, and you can get them in the form of Fibrex windows. The material is more durable and is friendlier to the environment because it’s recyclable and it reduces heating and air-conditioning costs due to its built-in insulation. If you’re looking for quality Fibrex windows around Maine, a reliable contractor can help you.

Renewal by Andersen supplies these quality Maine windows that can help homeowners avoid untimely replacements, which can save you money in the long run. Furthermore, their experts can help you repurpose your older frames that do need replacement for other home projects and interior design efforts.

(Article Excerpt From: Vinyl Windows and Vinyl Siding; Published on GreenBuildingAdvisor.com)

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