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Growing ‘panes’ to replace more windows

May 8, 2015

Recruiting and training the right people to replace windows and keep up with demand

If you can believe it, Renewal by Andersen grew even through the toughest times of the recent recession. Now that we’re hearing our economy is trying to stabilize, more people are investing into their homes. We are now experiencing some “growing panes” to interview, recruit and train professional individuals to handle installing Renewal by Andersen windows for southern Maine homeowners.

To learn more about this opportunity, click the link below (this will be active through 7/22/15 or until we find the right installers, which ever comes sooner):

JobsinME.com – Renewal by Andersen Window Installers

However, this is a different type of window installation because of the high caliber product line and craftsmanship that goes into a perfect installation. Unlike other companies who install vinyl windows, our installers need to be versed on intricate carpentry situations. Even installations that involve something as simple as removing rotting jambs, sills, stools, headers, casing and stops are a rarity in the window replacement world for Maine.

Andersen prepares for high demand of window installs

The Renewal by Andersen corporate headquarters in Cottage Grove, MN will be expanding their factory to accommodate the significant growth planned for 2015 and beyond.

“We’ve grown to a point where we needed to add a third shift and are making windows 24/5.” Said President of Renewal by Andersen Corporation, Paul Delahunt.

To join our happy list of customers, give us a call at 207-985-8465. We’ll schedule a time to visit with you in the comfort of your home to discuss your planned window replacement project and provide you with a written project quote.

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