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Glass in replacement windows should be the most important factor

July 14, 2016

90% of a replacement window is glass. Shouldn’t that be the most important factor when considering replacement windows?

When you are considering getting your windows replaced, you want a good window that is installed properly (of course). And if you think about the components of a window, 90% of a replacement window is glass. This is a very important factor, especially for folks who live in southern Maine, when trying to keep your home comfortable in all seasons without paying more for inefficient windows.

See why Renewal by Andersen Low-E 4 Smart Sun glass performs better in our Maine climate:

For those who would like to read the highlights, here are the features and benefits of Low-E4 glass:

  1. Renewal by Andersen windows have 11 coatings to enhance the efficiency of the whole window performance and help fight against home energy loss.
  2. There is a microscopic coating on the exterior of the window glass called Titanium-Dioxide. When activated by sunlight, this coating makes the exterior of the glass smoother which allows water to shed cleaner and evaporate quicker without leaving as many dirt spots. Renewal by Andersen customers find find themselves spending more time at the beach and less time cleaning their windows.
  3. The space in-between the panes of glass is filled with an Argon-Nitrogen blend. Because Argon by itself is known to dissipate through your glass over time, the Nitrogen blend keeps the Argon stable and your windows warmer than any other replacement window made in America.
  4. Do you live on a busy street, near an airport, or by some train tracks? Renewal by Andersen windows reduce the intrusion of sound into your home, allowing you to entertain or read a book without noisy outside interruptions.
  5. Renewal by Andersen carries a 20-year warranty on the replacement window glass giving you peace of mind and one number to call should you have any questions.

If that wasn’t great enough, Renewal by Andersen has also developed an optional upgrade to our glass packages called Smart Sun. No, our windows can’t control the sun, but rather control the amount of harmful rays entering your home from the sun during different times of the year. Our window replacements with Smart Sun glass are 45% more efficient in winter and 70% more efficient in summer (see our Beauty Catalog for details), plus they protect your furnishings and flooring from UV rays.

To learn more, call us at 207-985-8465 or fill our our Contact Us form for a free, in-home window consultation, inspection and project quote. We’ll review 100% of the features and benefits Renewal by Andersen windows can bring to you and your home.

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