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Energy efficient windows make for an energy efficient home

February 8, 2017

The temperatures won’t slow us down in replacing windows in Maine

Winters are cold in Maine, so it’s important to be sure that the windows in your home are energy efficient. There are many benefits to energy efficient windows, from saving money, improving our effect on the environment, and keeping our homes as comfortable as can be. But what ARE energy efficient windows?

Lawrence Berkeley National Library defines the term “Energy Efficiency” as “using less energy to provide the same service.” (And actually uses a homeowner replacing their old windows with new windows as their first example!) Energy efficiency is basically utilizing the energy you already have in the most efficient way possible.

There are three major components when considering energy efficient windows:

  1. Frames. Composite frames like Fibrex are the best kind (as opposed to wood or vinyl) because they are extremely durable, don’t conduct heat, and they stand the test of time – no warping or rotting that would let cold air in.
  2. Glass. Low-E glass has a microscopic coating, or several coatings, that reflects long-wave infrared energy. When heat inside a home tries to escape during the colder seasons, Low-E glass reflects the heat back into the home, so review what types of Low-E coatings each company is offering.
  3. Proper Installation. The best windows in the world are of no use if they aren’t installed properly. Sealant and insulation need to be administered professionally to be sure that your windows are 100% sealed. A warranty should cover both product and installation, giving you, the customer, peace of mind.

Low-E glass in windows

When all of these factors for your windows are met, your home will truly be more energy efficient, and you can reap the benefits of conserving energy. Consumer advice expert Clark Howard’s website www.Clark.com lists replacing your windows as one of the top 5 ways to make your old house as energy efficient as a new one, touting, “Replacing single pane windows with ENERGY STAR-qualified windows can save $126-$465 per year in energy costs, according to the Department of Energy. Those in New England will get the biggest benefit while those in California save the least.” And here in Maine, it’s safe to say we fall into the category of colder New England climates, therefore maximizing the highest amount of energy savings by replacing old windows!

Renewal by Andersen windows are not only ENERGY STAR-qualified but they also have other unique benefits as well, which include blocking harmful UV rays which can fade furniture and blinds, in addition to sound-deadening qualities.

Where is comfort more important than in your own home? Making your home energy efficient will allow you to keep it at the temperature you really want, without that lingering worry of how much money you’re wasting. With exponential monetary savings, an improved impact on the environment, and a healthier and more comfortable home, energy efficient windows are the best possible improvement you can make to your home in Maine this winter.

Call or fill out our Contact Us page to schedule a free, in-home consultation so we can show you how energy efficient Renewal by Andersen windows can be in your home – 207-985-8465.

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