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Different Styles of Windows Maine Homeowners Can Use for Their Home

December 2, 2013

window types how to choose

When it comes to updating your home’s look with replacement windows, quality and performance are not the only factors considered by homeowners. Of course, the style of the replacement window should also be one that complements the over-all aesthetics of the house. There are many styles of windows Maine homeowners can choose from, and each has its own features that may suit the home’s design or the purpose homeowners have in mind for the window.

Those who are looking for the same style as their old ones will not have much problems here, as it’s just going to be a matter of replacing the existing unit. However, those who would like to update the look of their windows with a new style altogether would have to plan it out well enough such that carrying out the replacement will not cost so much.

According to Realtor, there is not necessarily one style for the whole house:

Perhaps one of the common misconceptions homeowners have is that they have to pick one type and stick with it throughout the house, but that’s not always the case. Therefore, it’s important to know the differences between these window types so you can best determine which type (or types) of window will best suit your needs.

Realtor then explains fixed windows are for light and aesthetic reasons, and are not meant to be opened, while casement windows open outward and are often placed above kitchen sinks. There are also other types of windows homeowners can choose from like double hung, bow and bay, sliding, and awning windows. If homeowners are not familiar with these window types, they can ask their window replacement company which kind could work best for their home.

Those who are anxious about having wooden or vinyl windows may opt to have Renewal by Andersen windows in Maine, or other places where the manufacturer offers the fibrex® windows. Companies that offer such windows, like Renewal by Andersen of Maine, features products that combine the fine qualities of wood with the maintenance requirements of vinyl.

Windows can also vary according to colors and finishes so they can look well with any style of house. Once owners have decided on the material, color, and style of their new windows, they can have experienced and professional contractors complete the installation for best results.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Window Types: How to Choose, Realtor, not dated)

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