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Different replacement window installation applications

September 18, 2014

Usually, when you replace an old wood double-hung window the existing sashes are removed and you “insert” your new window inside the existing wood window frame. However, you’ll find that most companies who only offer vinyl replacement windows won’t even quote the project if there is more carpentry to be done beyond this one particular installation technique. By hiring Renewal by Andersen of Maine to replace your windows, you won’t have to compromise on what you want or what your home needs!

Renewal by Andersen – Insert Replacement Window

Renewal insert before
Renewal insert after

I know what you’re thinking. When you insert a replacement window into an existing window frame, aren’t you losing glass area? The short answer is, it depends. When you are considering replacing your windows, you may lose glass area with an insert replacement window depending on the product you choose and what old material is being removed in the replacement process. For example, the photo on the left shows a cross-section of a window opening before the installation. The photo on the right shows a cross-section of what a Renewal by Andersen insert replacement window would look like after the installation. Pay close attention to the sloped sill. You’ll notice our sill is the leanest insert replacement window sill in the industry. We can make a sleek sill because of the strong Fibrex composite material that is durable like wood, but will never rot. The other benefit of Fibrex allows for the least amount of glass area to be lost than any other replacement window products. In addition, if you are having us remove storm windows from your home, in many instances, we gain glass area!

Renewal by Andersen – Full-Frame Replacement Window

Renewal full-frame-before
Renewal full-frame-after

Here is where Renewal by Andersen windows are a cut-above-the-rest.  In many instances, a homeowner will choose to replace their existing windows to include new maintenance-free exterior casings to match the new window exterior color. We may also recommend this application due to any existing rot issues with the old windows. Renewal by Andersen Full-Frame replacement windows are made to specific sizes and have an exterior brick mould design that is manufactured out of the same Fibrex material as the windows. As you can see from the rough opening cross-section photo on the left to the finished cross-section Renewal by Andersen Full-Frame replacement window on the right, you will not only get a great-looking, maintenance-free window, but keep the glass area intact.

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