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Complete Your Home’s Renewed Appeal by Getting New Windows

March 4, 2014

Floral Prints are back image

In the past few years, many homes and apartments have been donning industrial, minimalist looks, eliminating colorful paints and decor. However, in an article posted by pressherald.com , those who love bright colors can now rejoice as floral prints are back in the trend.

After years of simple solids and geometric prints, the lowly flower is making a comeback in decor. Floral patterns have been blooming all over fashion runways in recent months, and they are slowly finding their way back into the world of home decorating, too.

But today’s new patterns aren’t your grandmother’s florals. And they can be a refreshing antidote to the minimalist patterns that have dominated home decorating in recent years.

Floral patterns can work especially well on sleek, modern pieces of furniture, Burnham says. Rather than choosing a floral sofa that’s rounded and tufted, use floral upholstery on a simple sofa with straight, clean lines.

If you are planning to follow and apply this returning hype, you might want to check first if your plans will complement the rest of your home’s décor and appeal. For instance, you can get a completely new look by replacing your windows but you have to be careful about the type.

If you think your windows are already outdated or are now less attractive and functional than they were before, it is best to consult a professional that specializes in windows such as Renewal by Andersen of Maine. With our assistance, you can get windows in Maine that offer durability, quality, and beauty. As a trusted partner of Renewal by Andersen, we can also provide you with options that are not only aesthetically appealing but energy-efficient, too.

Make the most out of your personal design by choosing Renewal by Andersen windows. Give us a call today and learn more how these products can benefit you and your home in many other ways.

(Article and Image from “Floral prints are back”; March 16, 2014)

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