Type of replacement windows: Double-hung windows among the most popular in New England

If we asked you to think of what a window looks like, you’d probably create an image of a double hung window, with sliding sashes on both top and bottom. That’s because double hung windows – particularly those manufactured by Renewal by Andersen® windows – are among the most popular of all window styles.

For homes featuring traditional New England architecture, double hung windows are an excellent choice when designing replacement windows along the coast of Maine and the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. We even have the ability to design a change from an existing style window in your home, to a double-hung window. The classic colonial grids and easy sliding function fit both the décor and functionality in one window. What’s more, the reliable operation of our most advanced double-hung window ever made in the history of Andersen’s legacy make it easier than ever to enjoy fresh breezes all summer, or close and lock the windows when our New England weather changes on a dime.

A double hung window from Renewal by Andersen® features a traditional wood-looking window with mortise and tenon joinery and is available in 147 different color combinations with other customized design options. One of the standard features in all of our double-hung windows is to allow the sash to “fully-travel” without limiting how far it will open (try that on a vinyl window). This is a great feature in the summer months to let the hot air out through the top and the cooler air in through the bottom without restrictions. Conversely, when the double-hung window is closed and locked, you will feel the energy efficient difference during our winter months and withstand any weather Maine and New Hampshire can throw at it! In addition, we have redesigned our double hung windows with a one-hand tilt-in mechanism in each sash for easy cleaning. There will be no more climbing up rickety ladders toting a bucket and sponge to clean the exterior of your windows! Simply click and tilt to gain easy access to both top and bottom sashes.

Why are Renewal by Andersen® windows among the most energy efficient replacement windows in the U.S.? Each and every single choice in the materials we use to make our windows, even down to the weather stripping that is the same that is used in high-performance, luxury automobiles, is scrutinized to make sure we don’t need to apologize for poor quality. In addition, each of our double-hung windows are installed by Certified Master Installers who make sure your windows are sealed against the elements and will make sure you are pleased with the work we perform on your home!

It is no wonder why homeowners are choosing to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our Design Consultants. The information we can provide, being a pioneer in the testing and developing of all kinds of products over the years and settling on Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows, makes it easy for everyone to know what to look for and lookout for when choosing the right products for your home.


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