Types of Replacement Windows: Casement

Commonly known as “crank-out” windows, there are true benefits to the features of a casement window. However, beware of the inferior product that could leave you frustrated beyond belief and despising this window style forever.

Functionality of casement windows

Technology to help crank-out windows operate has come a long way. The standard operating hardware in a Renewal by Andersen casement window allows the sash to “slide over” so you can clean the exterior of the glass, from inside your home. When minimum egress requirements are needed, casement windows can be built with “wide-open hinges” to allow access in and out from a bedroom window. Want your casement to look like a double-hung window? Not a problem when you choose Renewal by Andersen. Our Product Specialists are also prepared to design these windows with faux checkrails which mimic the appearance of a double-hung window matching the décor you prefer for your home. Furthermore, have you ever opened a casement window with two finders? Every casement window we make, no matter how tall or how wide, you can use your thumb and fore finger to crank our casements with ease!

The natural benefits of casement windows

Think of it this way, casement windows can be designed without checkrail obstructions giving you a clear view of the outdoors and allow for more natural light to filter into your home. A casement style window versus a double-hung or gliding window let’s you get the maximum ventilation in any room of your home. Want to redesign a room that currently has smaller windows or ones that don’t open? Schedule an appointment to have us visit and show you the possibilities we can customize with Renewal by Andersen casement windows!

Casement windows are crowned king for energy efficiency

There are three main things to consider when looking at energy efficiency. The efficiency of the glass and whole window performance, air infiltration and how the windows are installed. If you choose the right product from the right company, when the wind blows, casement windows actually perform better and become tighter than any other window in the house! However, we have been known to replace casement windows that are only 5-10 years old because they no longer close properly. Have you ever needed to have someone go outside and push your casement window closed so you can lock it? Get rid of the frustrations by having us provide you with a window diagnosis and show you our casement samples in the convenience of your home.

Let Renewal by Andersen of Maine help you design a window replacement plan that will upgrade both the appearance and energy efficiency of your home.

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